Barracks Arch Gets New Lease Of Life

Malcom Quekett

PICTURE BY NIC ELLIS  23 JUNE 2014  THE WEST AUSTRALIAN FAIRFAX ONLINE AND AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW OUT Project manager Steve Cann in the stairwell of the Barracks Arch in Perth, where a new coat of paint has been applied to the joinery as part of a conservation program.Standing inside the top level of the Barracks Arch provides a unique view smack bang down the middle of St Georges Terrace. It provides a gracious entry statement for the top end of the city’s main thoroughfare, where it has stood for almost 150 years. And those with a keen eye may notice it looks just a little different after a recent refurbishment. Previously white, the joinery is now a colour known as ox blood.

The change is part of repair and restoration work to protect external windows and doors to limit further deterioration of the timberwork. The work has been carried out under the watchful eye of heritage architects Palassis Architects for the Department of Finance, Building Management and Works.

The arch was completed in 1866 as the entrance to the barracks. Two wings of the barracks were demolished in 1966 to make way for the Mitchell Freeway, but the arch was saved.


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Picture: Nic Ellis/The West Australian