Cossack Master Planning

Cossack is located on the Pilbara Coast of Western Australia, 1480 km’s north of Perth. Established in 1863, at the mouth of the Harding River near Roebourne, Cossack was once a thriving port servicing the pastoral and pearling industries of north-western Australia. A Master Plan was commissioned by the State Government to guide future development of the place.

A comprehensive project team, led by Palassis Architects, comprised specialists in architecture, heritage, master planning, consultation & communication, town planning and urban design, archaeology, tourism, landscape, market analysis, environmental, aboriginal heritage and civil engineering. This team worked closely with the local and broader community to develop the best way forward for Cossack. The master plan analysed the opportunities, constraints and wishes of key stakeholders, and presented a detailed process to begin the revitalization of Cossack, recognizing the need to find a sustainable future for this significant town.