Gp Super Clinic, Midland Railway Workshops, Midland

Midland, Western Australia, 2009-2012

The Midland Railway Workshops is a world-class collection of early 20th century industrial buildings, built from 1904 and comprising a substantial complex of large-scale buildings, predominantly industrial in style. The workshops closed in 1993, and the place has undergone an extensive program of remediation, and conservation and redevelopment.

Palassis Architects were commissioned to provide expert heritage advice and to design, document and administer a package of new and conservation works to enable the construction of a two-storey medical clinic inside Block 1 of the Workshops, one of the first reuses of a Workshops Block building.

The Clinic is sited within the eastern half of Block 1, which had a temporary cladding which was removed, allowing the Clinic to extend beyond the eastern wall, providing an opportunity for a new contemporary architectural expression, sympathetic to the industrial aesthetic of Block 1. The form and colour of the Clinic suggest a train, moving in and out of the Block.

The form and materials of the Clinic are a contemporary expression of industrial architecture, incorporating steel framing and an industrial cladding. The colours chosen for the external wall panels were guided by paint samples taken from the large collection of industrial machinery housed at the Workshops.

  • External conservation works to Block 1
  • New works

Integra Health Pty Ltd

  • Complete
  • Design, documentation and administration of conservation works (Block 1)
  • Design, documentation and administration of new works package (Clinic)
  • Expert heritage advice