Old Treasury Buildings

Perth, Western Australia, 2007-2015

The Old Treasury Buildings are a part of the highly significant Cathedral and Treasury Precinct, in the inner city. Palassis Architects are the appointed heritage architects commissioned to redevelop this iconic group of heritage listed buildings as part of a multi-disciplinary design team. The redevelopment is a complex inner city project involving the extensive refurbishment of a substantive collection of heritage buildings and the construction of a new multi-storey office tower.

Palassis Architects responsibilities on this project include:

  • Photographic survey and recording of the place prior to works;
  • Archival recording of heritage elements of the place;
  • Assessment of heritage impact of proposed works on heritage buildings, including demolition, landscaping, new works and conservation works, interpretive works and public art;
  • Documentation of the place, room by room, prior to works;
  • Preparation of schedules of heritage elements, including doors, windows and arches;
  • Design, documentation and administration of conservation works, including roofing and reinstatement of decorative roof elements and dormer windows.
  • Conservation works

FJM Properties Pty Ltd and Mirvac

  • In Progress
  • Design, documentation and administration of conservation works
  • Provision of expert heritage advice