Memorial And Newby Wings, St George’s College

Crawley, Western Australia, 2004-2010

Palassis Architects have been heritage architects to St George’s College since 2001, when we prepared a Master plan to guide the development of the College. The College was the first UWA residential college, constructed in the 1930’s, and is a well-known and regarded landmark on the Crawley riverside.

Stage 1

Memorial Wing (2004-2007)

St George’s College Memorial Wing was designed to provide additional residential facilities during the academic year and to function as private rental accommodation for the remainder of the year.  It comprises six three-bedroom town houses in the form of lineal low-scale bays stepping down the eastern boundary of the site.

Care was taken to ensure that the new building did not intrude on the significant gardens and was sympathetic to its prime location in a precinct of historic buildings. It is distinguished by its subtle contemporary expression., but pays respect to the earlier buildings through materials selection and design detailing.

Stage 2

Newby Wing (2007-2010)

Consequent to the construction of Memorial Wing we were commissioned to design Stage 2 accommodation, a 30 bedroom plus associated services development. The Wing was designed to complement the existing architecture and be subdued in form, scale and materials.

  • New works
  • Internal refurbishment of existing spaces

St George’s College Inc.

  • Complete
  • Design, documentation and administration of two new works packages
  • 2008 Australian Institute of Architects (WA Chapter)  Western Australia Architecture Awards – Architecture Award